At Her-Age we value our customers and we reward their loyalty through our “HER-AGE CLUBS”, a program filled with perks and promotions. 

Once you successfully sell or purchase an item, you will receive a link to be registered onto HER-AGE CLUBS and will be welcomed by a range of incredible and exclusive opportunities, officially becoming an #herager!

HER-AGE CLUBS is a hybrid system that rewards our customers on three different levels, characterized by different benefits:

  • Ivory Club

  • Gray Club

  • Black Privée

Once you become an entry level member of the “Ivory Club”, the first no-fee step, you can upgrade your membership in two ways: accomplishing loyalty upgrade requirements for each club or simply paying yearly club fee with no other requirement. 
As a member of these exclusive clubs, you will receive Her-Age Coins (H.A.C.)*, have the opportunity to get free services and gain priority to discover new submissions from private vendors!
You can start from the Ivory Club and climb up to our Black Privee to become the ultimate #herager.  

*(H.A.C.) is not a cryptocurrency
All clubs and coin services soon will be available!