Inspired by the past. Curated for the future. Made to last. 


Her-Age is an online destination to shop and explore authenticated Vintage and second hand luxury fashion with NFT options. 

Born in Milano in 2020, Her-Age is the melting pot of different cultures between the co-founders, Alessandro Berna, Alba Figueras De La Parte and Ataman Ersan. With their know-how in fashion and dedicated team working towards making the experience of shopping more meaningful by focusing on quality over quantity.  


Our platform is a safe and controlled market where we take care of everything, from authentication to pricing and shipping, making it a hassle-free profitable experience. This way, we encourage our customers to contribute to the environment. 

Her-Age Luxury Authentication

We believe it’s our duty to protect luxury fashion and our customers.At Her-Age, each one of our luxury pieces is carefully selected  and authenticated by our team guided Graham Wetzbarger, a world-renowned authenticator who donates much of his time helping to shape the next generation of experts, scholars, and creatives.His unique experiences and insight keep his consultancy firm, Luxury Appraisals & Authentication, in high demand from analysts, resale platforms, and the media.To get your item selected and authenticated, you simply submit high resolution pictures with a detailed description to review your submission. The last step for approval left is for the quality control team to physically check the item to confirm the previous authentication.If the product is eligible, we can provide a signed certificate of authenticity by Graham which is protected in the blockchain through the Virgo App.


The aim of Her-Age is to protect the value and the memory of the item. Behind hangers and vintage labels, a simple second-hand purchase here becomes a long-term investment. The NFT (non-fungible token) that holds the certificates of authenticity and the digital value of a physical item.  

Once you buy an NTF eligible product on Her-Age; you, not only get its physical value, but you can become the owner of its NFT. This will allow you to hold on to a virtually eternal worth that will grow independently from the condition of the original piece. 

You will be able to find all the information about your item  including product details, pictures and authentication certificate in the blockchain via your digital wallet Virgo. This is an IOS and Android wallet developed by Her-Age’s technology partner Luxochain.  

NFT revolution may allow vintage and second-hand items to hold a much greater value than they did originally, changing the way people approach the fashion industry.