NFT technology and sustainability

Imagine a fashion world where technology meets sustainability, and you can keep the memory and value of an item virtually forever. Well, you don’t have to look that far!

An NFT is a non-fungible token that holds the digital value of a physical item. Every physical object, from a painting to even videogames, can create a NFT existence and hold a digital value online. Once you adapt it to fashion, that’s when it gets interesting. Fashion pieces are inevitably perishable, and even though they can last a long time, they surely can’t last forever. Unlike NFTs. These transferrable tokens hold the digital value of pre-existing goods, even though the items in question get destroyed or lost. If an item is extremely valuable and rare, its digital value can go up, depending also on condition and demand. 

Every eligible* piece purchased from will give you access to its NFT. A simple second-hand purchase can become a long-term investment. All the clothing items will also have a composition tag included: a body friendly, washable QR code that once scanned will provide you with pricing, NFT, authentication and other certifications. This information will be safely stored on a blockchain in a digital wallet on the Virgo App, developed by Her-Age’s technology partner Luxochain. The QR code will also be sent via email for safe keeping, and you will find it printed on business cards for items such as bags and jewellery. 

*Find below digital certificate issuance and NFT eligibility criteria

CERTIFICATION & NFT VALUE CRITERIA (based on fair market appraisal)

  • CLOTHING : 2000 EUR and over
  • JEWELRY, WATCHES : 2000 EUR and over
  • BAGS, SMALL LEATHER : 1500 EUR and over
  • ACCESSORIES : 1000 EUR and over