Do i have to pay to submit an item?

There is no cost for submitting an item if you have an intention to sell. You can click on the button “sell with us” and complete the vendor submission procedure and it will take just some minutes.

How much will I earn from my sale?

60% Fair market value between € 150 e € 1000
65% Fair market value between € 1000 e € 3000
70% Fair market value between € 3000 e € 5000
75% Fair market value over € 5000
*Seller is not forced to accept any additional discount

What is non-fungible token (NFT) for her-age?

An NFT is a non-fungible token that holds the digital value of a physical item. Every physical object, from a painting to even videogames, can create a NFT existence and hold a digital value online. Once you adapt it to fashion, that’s when it gets interesting. Fashion pieces are inevitably perishable, and even though they can last a long time, they surely can’t last forever. Unlike NFTs. These transferrable tokens hold the digital value of pre-existing goods, even though the items in question get destroyed or lost. If an item is extremely valuable and rare, its digital value can go up, depending also on condition and demand. Every eligible* piece purchased from her-age.com will give you access to its NFT. A simple second-hand purchase can become a long-term investment. All the clothing items will also have a composition tag included: a body friendly, washable QR code that once scanned will provide you with pricing, NFT, authentication and other certifications. This information will be safely stored on a blockchain in a digital wallet on the Luxo App, developed by Her-Age’s technology partner Luxochain. The QR code will also be sent via email for safe keeping, and you will find it printed on business cards for items such as bags and jewelry. NFT is a service not only for our customers purchasing on her-age but also a service for the vendors as per it is an added value for their items sold at this marketplace. *Find below digital certificate issuance and NFT eligibility criteria CERTIFICATION & NFT VALUE CRITERIA (based on fair market appraisal) CLOTHING : 2000 EUR and over I JEWELLERY, WATCHES : 2000 EUR and over I BAGS, WALLETS : 1500 EUR and over I ACCESSORIES, BIJOUX : 1000 EUR and over I SHOES : 1000 EUR and over

Do i have to pay for authentication?

 It depends on the service you requested.
If you submitted a product to sell and her-age approved your product then the service is free of charge. However if you buy a service through “Authenticate Only”, this means that you want to just make sure your product is authentic or not, then as per we will provide you an authentication certificate, it will cost you (for all type of categories and brands in our portfolio) 25 euros VAT included.

How long does approval take?

We will let you know within 72 hours if your product is approved to sell or not. If yes, then we will send you the price offer to deal mutually.

How shall i pack?

Once you confirm the price to sell with us, we will send you the shipping label so all you have to do is pack with an appropriate box (not so bigger than your item) and ship the parcel to us and we’ll take care of everything, from packaging to delivery to a new home.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

If you want to sell an item on our website, you are not going to be charged for the pick-up shipping fee. Make sure that you are submitting your products from a European Union country. Click to check the full list.

Can I have my item back if I change my mind?

Yes you can!
If you notify us with a written “Product Return Request” within 120 days of Her-Age. Validation, the shipping costs will be borne by yourself and Her-Age will deduct them from your “Seller Profits” pending. If you don’t have sufficient “Seller Profits” pending to cover the shipping costs, Her-Age will have no obligation to return the Product to you, unless, and until, you have not paid to Her-Age the return costs prior to shipment. Furthermore, Her-Age will charge you a commission amounting to Euro 30 Italy and Euro 50 Europe for each product, which will reflect the initial costs incurred by Her-Age for the conservation, cataloging and photographic shots of the object in preparation for sale.


What happens if my item is counterfeit?

What happens if my item is counterfeit? Your product will be refused and we won’t be able to provide you the vendor service.
If we approve your product authenticate, then if you send us a counterfeit one in this case we will have to immediately inform the competent authority and will send the Product to that authority.