Reselling luxury goods requires the best online marketplace by Valeria Boi


The earth's natural resources are not infinite and the climate change and pollution remind us how much our planet is suffering because of our actions.
The fashion business model we have been used to for years "extraction of raw materials, use of toxic chemicals, mass production, clothes that become waist” has almost come to an end.

The goal now is to reuse and recycle the products, and the resale report 2022 confirm this data: the global second-hand market reached $182.4 billion and is expecting to grow more than 16% to 2026.

Nowadays it’s becoming a common practice to sell and buy second-hand, and the online fashion market is the one that is growing the most. There is a large variety of these luxury marketplaces and consumers can choose from the comfort of their home what to buy. Luxury second-hand and vintage shops are the most desired, because customers can find precious high-fashion items at reduced prices.



The owners of these luxury items know that “throwing away” is not an option anymore, and they could give them away or keep them in a box. So why sell them? 

People often have too many clothes and accessories that they no longer use, and decluttering the closet is the easiest way to clear space and selling them online making extra cash. Money that can be used to buy from a luxury second-hand marketplace: such as buying a Yves Saint Laurent raffia tote bag for this summer. This bag won’t be just an object but an accessory with a story of both the brand and the person who owned it, who loved it and treated it with care.

The truth is that there are many advantages and reasons to sell online, and perhaps the most important reason is that it promotes the circular economy.
Selling pre-loved items contributes to cut-down the pollution because reintroducing them in the market helps to reduce carbon footprint, and saving the planet is one of the most important values for consumers.

Every garment, every accessory has its own story. The brand identity, its rarity, having been lovingly used by the previous owner. So the wardrobe is enriched with new pieces from other owners who wanted to give new life to these luxury clothes, selling them in the online e-commerce.

Not all second-hand marketplaces are the same, and both sellers and buyers must first consider the authenticity of the items. Counterfeiting is a problem especially for high-fashion brands, and it affects consumers trust when they are buying a luxury item. For this reason, those who sell their own luxury item must rely on a competent and reliable online e-commerce like Her-Age, the first marketplace for second-hand luxury goods with NFT certification


Her-Age has the best team of experts who make sure everything is original and real, providing a certificate of authenticity protected in the blockchain.


There is a very easy process to sell an item: after the product image is uploaded, Her-Age team evaluates its value and condition with a fair market appraisal, and if the seller accepts the offer, the sales process can begin.


The seller will have to ship the parcel to Her-Age who will publish the item on the website, enhancing it with the best pictures and descriptions.
There is no discount on seller payout and no negotiation between seller and buyer.

Her-Age will take care of everything, from the packaging to the delivery to the customer, so the owner will just has to wait for someone to buy and give new life to his/her luxury item.


Moreover it's reassuring to know that the precious pre-loved item has been entrusted to a team of experts. The selection of the best designers, the clear communication of the website, a customer service ready to answer to all the questions, the hassle free process, make Her-Age the best place to resell a luxury item.


Getting started is simple, by clicking here. because there’s nothing better than selling and giving new life to something that has been worn, contributing to the circular economy.