A Crossover Tale of Two Curated Luxury Second-Hand Fashion Pioneers: Her-Age x L’Armadio di Laura


Her-Age has collaborated with Milan’s vintage fashion hotspot L’Armadio di Laura to seamlessly unite online and offline pre-loved luxury connoisseurs through a one-of-a-kind project, Pre-loved Fashion Week Forever. With a total of 50 bespoke pieces, the month-long pop-up showcases a vibrant mix of apparel from different eras and brands. 

To celebrate this iconic partnership, the project commenced with an invite-only cocktail party where the most notable personalities of the vintage world gathered to experience the timelessness and magnificence of the curated pieces. Merging their unique curation style and aesthetic vision, Laura and Her-Age’s distinctive yet versatile collection caters to a variety of audiences ranging from experienced collectors to first-time buyers.






A common message that echoes through the collection and etches a strong foundation on the viewer’s mind is “Choosing Pre-Loved”, as each piece presented embodies the irreplaceable artistry of different generations of impeccable designers. From the futuristic Thierry Mugler Purple Jacket from the ‘90s to the enchanting Vivienne Westwood Three-Row Pearl Choker from the ‘10s, the pop-up is imbued with a sense of preciousness and grandeur that makes it a must-visit.

Some of the opulent pieces displayed also bear a historical relevance. For example, the Chanel Gold Set- ‘90s was worn by Princess Caroline of Monaco, the daughter of the iconic old Hollywood actress Grace Kelly who is renowned for her namesake handbag collection at Hermès. She donned the outfit in honor of France's National Day Celebration on November 19th, 1996 to which she was accompanied by her daughter and sister.


The pop-up remains open to the public until the 19th of October in Via Pontaccio 7, Milan, in the famous art district of Brera. Should you wish to experience the beauty of pre-loved luxury through a sophisticated and holistic memorable store journey, this is the event for you. Get ready to be entranced by the irresistible works of art as you explore the Her-Age x L’ Armadia di Laura pop-up today.

Rena Vora, Milan