The future of fashion designers on the metaverse by Valeria Boi


Technology is evolving and having an important role in our lives, and more than ever our activities are taking place online, or better on the Metaverse. Indeed, by 2026, 25% of people will have spent at least one hour a day in the Metaverse for work, shopping, education, social and entertainment purposes – says the report conducted by Gartner, the information technology research and consultancy company.


This is the virtual world where people, just with a smartphone or a laptop connected to their VR headset, can enjoy part of their life as an avatar. But why? First of all people are interested in new technologies, a fascinating world that allows to live experiences that we never imagined before. Metaverse is like a 3D life, where people can replicate their own life in another dimension and wear clothing like in the real life. To be cool the avatars need something special and unique, that’s why fashion designers are creating virtual garments that allow to express ourselves through the avatars.

Nowadays everyone can place their creations on the metaverse, which is becoming the place for new opportunities. In a fashion industry saturated with too many designers that are struggling to express their art, the metaverse gives them the opportunity to show their creativity and work. The price of these clothes is affordable: just 2.99$ for a Prada garment allows the avatar to wear a luxury item in the virtual world.

If someone is thinking it’s easy designing clothes on the metaverse, will have to change its mind because there is a research of fabrics, knowledge of tools, aimed at creating something that looks like the real garments. Because the garments have to appeal the audience to reach new clients for the real stores, in order to be purchased. 

But this is not the only purpose, we have to remember the climate crisis we are living and how many brands are taking action to spread the awareness around this theme, talking about the importance of sustainability. Also luxury designers understood the importance of sustainability and equality in the fashion industry.

In the virtual world everyone can try and buy Gucci fluo sneakers at $12.99, avoiding the crowded fitting rooms and without polluting or damaging the planet.
The metaverse is the world where the unreal meets the tangible world, where it’s possible to convey important messages.

It’s clear that the future of fashion is in the metaverse, and at the same time this doesn’t mean people will be focused just in the virtual life. This will never happen, the NFT and the metaverse are enriching what people is already living. The metaverse is an online community where people can share the same interests and, in this case, the love for fashion and style.

New technology, fashion, creativity, curiosity, expertise and raising awareness can coexist and make people converse even in the 3D world.


Valeria Boi, London