Sizebay: A virtual fitting room to recommend garment sizes for sustainable shopping

Her-Age believes in the development of businesses with a sustainable impact and is constantly working to take the measures and performance required to inform people about new technologies that could help elevate sustainability efforts.

Thus, our team has interviewed Giuliano Bolzonello, Country Manager at Sizebay, a "Size and 3D Fit Advisor Platform" that connects body modeling with accurate sizing knowledge that aims to improve the efficiency and confidence in the process of the size selection for each person based on their personal measurements. 

So how was Sizebay born and developed and what is its sustainable impact ? Giuliano Bolzonello answers all these questions.

  • Guiliano, can you talk about yourself and your background in the sustainable industry?

    I have a very strange background in the garment industry. I studied as a garment technician and I got a deep knowledge of fibers, fabrics, design pattern and production process. I started as a technician in a trousers factory here in Italy following processes and costs.

    I got the opportunity of moving from the production dept to the commercial department and that’s why I started a clothing distribution by myself.

    Year after year I realized that quality was less important compared to style, fast fashion did the rest: low quality, cheap items, wear them today and throw them away tomorrow.

    That’s why I started to think that this way of selling is not sustainable in the long term.

    I got the opportunity of opening the Italian market for Sizebay and, behind the tool and the technology, I think this is also a contribution for making the sell-buy process more sustainable in the online segment and a way for giving my contribution to the planet.




  • What is the concept of Sizebay, and how was it initially born & developed ?

    Sizebay is a tool that gives a size and fit recommendation to people that want to buy garments online.

    It was born in Brazil, a big country in which transport of the garments bought online can impact dramatically both in terms of costs and carbon footprint, that’s why Sizebay was born for helping people in choosing the right size without any doubt avoiding returns for wrong size.

  • Sizebay has a tool of size recommendation that considers the customers body measurements and the specific measurements for each product, which technology is used to achieve the best results ?

    Sizebay uses an algorithm based on anthropometric science that studies proportions and mass distribution in human bodies.

    Due to this technology Sizebay is able to calculate body measurements of people who want to buy just by asking them only three parameters: heigh , age and weight plus an idea of the body mass distribution in an intuitive way using an avatar. Once the Sizebay has calculated body measures of the customer, it compares that measures with the anthropometric measures of the garment (measures of the body for which that size was thought by the design pattern maker and that are different from the measures of the garment). The result of this comparison is the size recommendation.

  • Nowadays, selecting a size while shopping online is hard, how do you assure true to size and accurate measurements for each individual ? 

    We can assure this thanks to our technology and our anthropometric approach. We calculate the measure of the customer’s body, this is very personal !

    There are others tool similar to us but most part of them have a statistical approach, they says to the customer that a specific size can be suitable for him because a significant percentage of customers with the same parameters bought that size without returning the garment back, this is completely different from telling “ this is YOUR size, that fits you in the best way “

  • Sizebay aims to create confidence regarding size choice through virtual fitting rooms. What are the steps to access the virtual fitting room to obtain the best recommendation ?

    Since the beginning Sizebay made a lot of efforts to let the customer have an easy and very simple experience, without stressing customers out by asking a lot of body details.

    Sizebay asks only three parameters, and all the size recommendation process is ended in three steps. Simple and easy.

    There is also another aspect that we at Sizebay consider important, it is an ethical aspect that often is not considered by e-commerce developers: Selling clothes is different from selling other kinds of stuff. It means interacting not only with what people can wear but also with the idea of himself he wants to give to others. Not all people feel confident with their body and giving a lot of details to a shop assistant or answering to a lot of questions online or asking to measure  themselves can be a cause of embarrassment for them. Sizebay avoids this: few parameters and no stupid questions.


  • How do you help brands extend their e-commerce services & why will sizebay be beneficial for them?

    Sizebay impacts in a positive way on all important kpi considered by e- commerce managers.

    Customers that buy garments using our tool feel confident with the e- commerce website because they find a tool that gives them the right size recommendation and they understand that they can buy without choosing the wrong size and avoiding all the return process.

    That’s why we increase the conversion rate of e-commerce that integrates our technology and why we also impact the average ticket amount.

    When a potential customer finds a technology that solves the problem of choosing the right size, he buys more, more styles and that website will be his first choice for the next purchase.

  • Sustainable e-commerce is advantageous for businesses today. What is the sustainable impact of Sizebay and how will the green package protect the environment ?

    Sizebay avoids size mistakes, this means less stuff that goes back and forth, less return cost, less packages, less waste and less carbon in our atmosphere.

    It is our contribution to make a sustainable e-commerce development and to protect our planet.

  • What is your future projection for Sizebay ? Are there more features and updates that you are willing to offer to the market ?

    We work to offer the best customer experience ever and for doing it in a very simple way.

    This means that this kind of technology can be used in an easy way also for people that are not familiar with e-commerce.

    We’re developing new features that now are in beta test and that will permit to make the size choice even easier and accurate.

    Sizebay is not a plug and play tool, there’s a strong team of programmers, pattern makers and fashion experts behind and we love to talk with our customers and listen to their problems or doubts, it helps us a lot in developing new features or adapting the existing.

    Many customers are asking us for an immersive and even more personalized customer experience, we’re working on that.