Cavalli e Nastri: The legendary vintage store of Milan by Francesco Baracchi

Her-Age team interviewed Francesco Baracchi about the legendary milanese vintage store, Cavalli e Nastri.

The store first saw its beginnings in the early 1970s, and today boasts three different locations in Milan, two in via Mora and one in via Brera.

Throughout its 50+ year tenure as the go-to vintage authority in the city, Cavalli e Nastri has become the preferred haven for stylists, celebrities, and creatives from all walks of life to find the rarest, most distinctive luxury pieces.

Undoubtedly, Cavalli e Nastri has attracted a great level of acclaim from both patrons and media for their exquisitely curated collection of vintage items, originating from the early 1900s all the way through to the present day, and serves as a fountain of inspiration to many businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs such as Her-Age.





  • How did Cavalli e Nastri start in the luxury vintage industry, and what was the main inspiration to open a vintage store specialized with luxury items?

 Francesco Baracchi : Cavalli e Nastri was born in 1970 from an idea of my mother Claudia Jesi-Claudia was an architect who loved beauty and being a friend of some designers such as Gianfranco Ferré and Donatella Versace, she decided to revive their clothes by inventing the first Vintage shop in Milan



  • What is the story behind the name of the store (Cavalli e Nastri)?

Francesco Baracchi : The Cavalli e Nastri were the elements of the decorations of the luxury dollhouses of the 1930s that my mother collected



  • What sets your luxury vintage store apart from others in the industry?

Francesco Baracchi : Cavalli e Nastri has many sourcing channels and makes an unbridled selection of its luxury garments. The taste and Colors of our store are now a tradition in Milan and our selectors are aligned and meticulous in their choices



  • How has the luxury vintage market changed since you first opened your store, and how have you adapted to those changes?

Francesco Baracchi : Fortunately for us, the market has changed for the better. a few years ago, there were few customers who were open to vintage, now it has become a trend even for younger...



  • How do you source your pieces, and what is your process for authenticating them?

Francesco Baracchi : We have several procurement channels: buying from suppliers/wholesalers, buying from individuals, buying online, auctions. We have an in-house team of selectors and specialists who authenticate and evaluate the pieces



  • What is the most memorable item you've ever sold, and why?

Francesco Baracchi : We sold a Walter Albini and a Capucci worth over 10k that represented the history of Italian fashion



  • What advice would you offer to someone who wants to start a vintage clothing business?

Francesco Baracchi : Ours is a complex business not to be taken lightly, as in all business activities, the most important part is sourcing...



  1. Finally, what do you want customers to know about your store and its philosophy?

Francesco Baracchi : I like to let people know that we are a company that works for the green and the recovery process hence our motto "Wear vintage, save the planet ". We breathe life back into forgotten or unused garments that shine becoming more beautiful than before by dressing wonderful people...


15/06/2023 - Milan