Haus of Honey: Memory and revolution in the footwear scenario by Valeria Boi


Evening dresses, trousers, midi or miniskirts, jumpsuits, one shoulder tops, blazers. 
Among the wardrobe in the closet, it’s difficult to decide what to wear. So many things to consider- what the occasion is, if it fits properly, if the colour shades are matching. 


But what is it that makes an outfit truly unique? To sum up in one word, shoes. They can revolutionize and give a different meaning to the outfit. A pair of cotton trousers styled with a top and flat sandals are perfect to be worn in the morning; while replacing the flat sandals with a pair of platform heels will make the ideal look for a night out 

Shoes are meant to be comfortable, but there is more. They show the personality and reveal a lot about the wearer. Because everyone wants to communicate something when choosing which shoes they wear.  

Italian designer Stefano Miele, owner of Haus of Honey understood this emotion perfectly. The fashion house was founded in 2020 and is conquering the fashion scene and consumers with its own style made of colours and details that communicate freedom. 

Stefano Miele worked in the luxury fashion industry, and he always had a particular love for shoes since he was a child. He has had creativity and the desire to draw shoes, a passion linked to his mother’s shoe store in Gaeta. He has grown up in this world of colours and art, developing a precise taste that is deep-rooted in his family. 
It’s no coincidence that shoe collection features the cork wedges as an intrinsic material, the very ones he saw in his mother's shop, now made to be a distinctive characteristic of his brand. 
Cork is the main material he uses because it’s light, comfortable, and suitable for both every day and evening models. 

Observing this wonderful world of footwear made of colours and beauty, he was attracted by the intricate details like the shape, curves, and type of heels. Stefano Miele grew up learning the importance of the Italian craftsmanship. Indeed, the raw materials and embellishments are selected in Tuscany and Marche and the entire collection is manufactured in Civitanova Marche, promoting the importance of the handcrafted products, which is a sign of high quality.  

With Haus of Honey there is always a connection with the past, memories that meld with contemporary elements. 


The use of cork, the timeless wedges and beads mixed with luxurious fabrics and stones like satin, suede, kalgan and crystals.

The brand has a precise idea of aesthetic: modern, elegant and sumptuous. The collection it’s a colour explosion, sparkling, made of geometric shapes.
Like the 90’vibes Wannabe sandal Rainbow in multicolour laminated leather combined with mirroring block heels.

If his roots are present also in the brand name Honey, which is the English translation of its family name Miele, Haus refers to the Bauhaus art movement that unifies all arts and crafts, with the idea that all the arts can work together and not just separately. A movement based on the principle that they would “admit any person of good repute, regardless of age or sex”.

And that’s what Haus of Honey represents using natural and artificial materials, breaking the barriers with a size range from 35 to 45, wearable by anyone, reinventing memories.

Haus of Honey’s shoes communicate the revolution of meanings, norms and ideas. What matters is being oneself, free from prejudices, definitions and everything can coexist.

The 2023 Haus of Honey shoe collection is sexy, provocative, glamorous, attractive and each piece is unique, like everyone has to feel.

Memories are important and precious, and wearing Haus of Honey shoes it’s time to relive them.


Valeria Boi, London