Didier Ludot : The Parisian vintage institution with over 40 years of history




Her-Age team has interviewed Didier Ludot in Paris, owner of one of the oldest vintage haute couture boutiques. Having worked with fashion and vintage couture since the 70’s he shares with us his favorite pieces, future of vintage and more


What encouraged you to start collecting and selling fashion and haute-couture pieces?

Didier Ludot: I discovered vintage clothes in my family's attic trunks, there were still all my grandparents' clothes. This passion has never left me since...


Who are the emblematic people and celebrities whose clothes you have sold? Any unforgettable anecdotes to tell us?

Didier Ludot:  Many of my "celebrity" clients come to my boutique in a confidential way but the visit of Reese Witherspoon to choose her dress for the Oscars in 2010, a Dior dress that I had bought a few days before and knowing that she received the Oscar for best actress in this dress made me even prouder and it is a wonderful memory.

Photo courtesy: NY times


Could you tell us about the most memorable pieces you have sold?

Didier Ludot:  I have been lucky enough to have pieces from great actresses that I admire, a little black Chanel dress in sequins that came from Romy Scheider's wardrobe made a special impression on me, there are several photographs of her in this dress in Beverly Hills . 

Photo courtesy: Flickr

What are the criteria for selecting a product to be sold in your store? Can you take through your thinking process?

Didier Ludot:  It's really my eye and my sense of touch; that is my criteria, I need to see the clothes and see its condition, the quality of finishes that the garment is not transformed or modified, I like to have the pieces in hand. 


How do you see the future of vintage business? 

Didier Ludot: It is true that vintage is very fashionable at the moment, I have been doing this job for more than 40 years and I know that vintage will remain however
there is always a quality criterion to buy and select vintage clothes.

03/23/2022 - Paris