Constantin Prozorov - The magical world of fashion collages


A  collage artist and Instagram influencer Constantin Prozorov reinterprets images of luxury brands into imaginative collages. 


The uber-talented artist opens us the doors of a mesmerizing world; grinding classic art, high fashion and modern pop culture. Constantin confessed all about his art and its future with fast running technologies. 







Can you talk about yourself? Your background and your current activity as an artist? 

As a collage artist, I am best known for my cult collaborations with luxury brands like LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI and MONCLER. I see myself as a bridge between art and fashion, between photographer and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and between reality and fantasy. My collage technique is a mixture of photorealism with elements of surrealism and dadaism and that mixed with modern computer techniques.


gucci sneakers collage


I studied in Munich at the German Master School of Fashion, Communication and Fashion Design. Shortly after my studies I moved to Paris, where I worked as a designer for a French Haute Couture house "ATELIER GUSTAVOLINS". I then moved to Condé Nast Publishers where I was responsible for the correspondence between the editorial departments in Munich and Paris for fashion magazines like VOGUE, GQ and GLAMOUR. To Berlin I came six years ago where I was offered a wonderful job as assistant designer to WOLFGANG JOOP, founder of JOOP!, in his new luxury label WUNDERKIND.

After a few years of work experience in the fashion industry, I knew right away that I would like to mix art and fashion in a playful way. And so I developed the digital collage technique, which also contains CGI elements in it and is thus to be understood as a bridge to the virtual worlds.

Can you describe to us the collaborations that you have done with numerous brands, especially the Louis Vuitton one?  

In my collaboration with Louis Vuitton, it was about celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founder Louis (#LOUIS200). The artwork unites in itself the three essential aspects that inspired me to create it, namely the past, the present and the future. The trunk represents the past and the innovative genius of Louis Vuitton. The current collection by Virgil Abloh allows me to reflect the present of the house and also to create a surreal Louis Vuitton world. The animated technique of the collage reflects the future, and the desire to take us on a virtual journey of discovery. In other words, the trunk is an object that comes to us from outer space to show us the beauty of our planet and then to absorb it and to project it onto its surface.


louis200 constantin prozorov



How do you get inspiration to make reinterpretations of the brand’s latest collections? 

I always get inspired by the collections. Take for example my collaboration with MONCLER, when they sent me the looks I knew right away what I wanted to create. The Collection is full of colors and floral prints and reminds me a lot of spacesuits, so I created new worlds. The animations encourage the viewer to go on a journey of discovery, deep into space, where new and untouched worlds with beautiful mystical creatures await them.




0 MONCLER RICHARD QUINN - 03 by CONSTANTIN PROZOROV from Constantin Prozorov on Vimeo.


Do you work on physical art projects as well? 

All my projects are created digitally, but they are now also transferred to the physical world. In October 2021, I had my first solo exhibition in Guangzhou, China, which received a huge response in the country's major media and is now on a big China tour. Right now we are planning our next stop, which will probably be in Shanghai. 

Also, I am currently in a group exhibition with Louis Vuitton LOUIS200, which is currently on display in Paris until mid-February, when it will go on a world tour.

Can you describe to us the importance of 3D pictures and motions in this era? Why are they becoming so important nowadays especially in the world of art and fashion? 

The world is increasingly moving into virtual spaces, it also has a lot to do with the fact that the reality around us is becoming more complicated and challenging. Pandemics, political crises, environmental pollution and soon the struggle for resources such as precious metals and water. That's why there is a need in all of us for fantasy worlds, where the world has no problems and no creative limits, and where for a moment we forget about the problems around us. This is why we spend a lot of time on social media, where we now enter the staged realities of celebrities and influencers.

How we want to experience the world also plays a role, there is a deep need in all of us for 3D experience, away from the 2D social media to the Metaverse.

What do you think about the future of fine art and luxury fashion in the Metaverse? 

The digitalization and invention of the internet and social media has brought democratization to the luxury industry, but also to fine art. This means that each of us has a real chance to be successful and reach a large audience with our art, design and talent, regardless of where we come from and who we are. This will continue with Metaverse, further breaking down many outdated barriers and further blurring the lines between art, fashion, design, advertising, entertainment and technology.

What are you advices to up-and-coming digital collage artists?

It is very important to believe in yourself and to stick to your dreams. To always be curious about what is happening around you, but above all to be open to new things. To give yourself the time you need to develop, but also to slow down your life in order to feel good. Art needs time and leisure and there are no rules to follow, it should be fun and inspire you to dream.

There is no must in art because art is free.“ - Wassily Kandinsky