Chanel Masterclass: How to Spot a Fake Chanel Bag by Graham Wetzbarger





"How to know if a Chanel bag is fake?" is a question every second-hand buyer has on their mind, especially when not purchasing from an official brick-and-mortar store. With the counterfeit market evolving at an exponential rate and making it difficult for everyday people to know the difference, Her-Age consulted our in-house expert, Graham Wetzbarger who is also a world-renowned authenticator of luxury second-hand items to share with us some quick tips to keep in mind when buying a second-hand Chanel bag.


1: Look at the outside of the bag, the stitching should be perfect, symmetrical, and even. If there is a CC closure the forward (right) facing C will overlap on top of the backward (left) facing C. The most popular materials for Chanel handbags are Caviar leather, named so because of the small round grain texture, and lambskin, which is soft and smooth. 

2: Look at the interior brand label. It will be foil stamped onto a leather patch. The color of the foil should match the color of the bag's hardware. Chanel bags can be made in either France or Italy. If you ever see ‘Made in Paris’ the bag is a fake.

3: If metal hardware is attached to the bag, look at the screws. They should be either flat head or star screws, if you see Phillips head screws, that is a big red flag. Logos on the hardware should be precise and exact. The hardware pieces should be well affixed to the bag.

4: In 1986 Chanel began assigning sequential serial numbers to their handbags and wallets. Over time we are able to determine what years specific numbers are from. So, not only do you need to inspect the serial number sticker to make sure it is the correct design, format, and font, but you also need to cross-reference the production year with the style of the bag it is.



At Her-Age Everything is real, for real. We pride ourselves on being one of the best authenticators of luxury fashion. Our hybrid team of experts, both in house external, are very thorough and work tirelessly to make sure that no counterfeit item will ever set foot on our platform!