Interview with Ataman Ersan, CMO of Her-Age


The idea behind Her-Age is to provide a recommerce platform for anyone to sell and buy authenticated luxury fashion. On we don’t rely on peer-to-peer transactions, but we act as a fully managed marketplace. Our platform is a safe and controlled market where we take care of everything, from authentication to pricing and shipping, making it a hassle-free profitable experience. This way, we encourage our customers to actively contribute to 360-degree circularity, consciously valuing their purchases and ethically choosing what’s ending up in their wardrobes.



If you want to sell a piece, it’s easy: you simply submit high resolution pictures with a detailed description, we then authenticate the item and appraise it. If you agree with the price, you send us your piece and then we sell it for you! 


Authentication is Her-Age’s greatest asset: each one of our luxury pieces is authenticated, and those that are eligible* have a certificate of authenticity produced by in-house and world renowned experts that states its value and authenticity, so no fake item will ever have access to our market. We believe it’s our duty to protect luxury fashion from the circulation of counterfeit items in the second-hand market, and we do so by also providing our “AUTHENTICATE ONLY” service you can use to check your piece’s authenticity before officially submitting an item if you’re in doubt. On everything is real, for real. 

*Click for digital certificate issuance and NFT eligibility criteria (link goes to authentication page)


Once you buy an eligible item for NFT on, you do not only get its physical value, but you can become owner of its NFT, its long-lasting digital value. This will allow you to hold on to a virtually eternal worth that will grow independently from the condition of the original piece. You will be able to find all the information regarding your item, including its authentication certificate and NFT, on a digital wallet provided by Virgo App, 


Her-Age is constantly evolving and learning how to consciously value luxury fashion. We want people to care about sustainability and realise the ethical value that circularity holds. Stay tuned for what’s to come…