Our values are what encouraged us to create and believe in Her-Age. In a world where fast fashion and impulsive cravings have the monopoly, we decided to focus on what’s important to us and the environment: sustainability and circularity.

Our aim is to take care of the world we live in, supporting a circular economy and maintaining value of what has already been produced. We believe that instead of keeping on producing irresponsibly, we can give a second, more special life to preloved luxury clothing.

Our goal is to start changing the old mentality that our society has instilled in us in the last two centuries. The continuous crave for new and trendy clothes can be fulfilled by what has already been produced, giving a second life to second-hand clothes. We have focused on giving each piece not only a physical value, but also a long-lasting digital one, revolutionising the idea and meaning behind second-hand luxury fashion with NFTs.